Petroleum Jelly

Applications: SELO-PJ is mainly used as an ingredient in skin lotions and cosmetics; useful material when incorporated into candle wax formulas; used as a release agent for plaster molds and castings; can be combined with other materials to make effective rust proofing compounds; is used to moisten plasticine; used as a key ingredient for conditioners of ethnic hair; can be used to soften hardenedleather.

Dosage: Varies according to the usage of the product..

Packing: Packed into 170kg Drums.

White Mineral Oil

Applications: White oil Is a low viscosity white mineral oil which meets the FDA regulation.

Dosage: Varies according to the usage of the product.

Packing: Packed into 210 Litre drum.

Soap Noodles

Applications: Used in the manufacture of toilet grade Soap.

Dosage: Soap Noodles are generally used when clients use extrusion as the method of manufacture.

Packing: Packed into 25kg bag with WPP inner lining.

Triple Pressed Stearic Acid

Applications: Effectively thickens and stabilizes lotion formulations. It can be used in water-in-oil emulsions, oil-in-water emulsions, and oil-based formulas. – Can be used in Cream, lotion, ointment, body butter, salt scrubs. Can be used as an ingredient in making candles, soaps, lotions, plastics, dietary supplements, oil pastels, and cosmetics. In candles Stearic Acid will improve burning time, opaque appearance, change texture of some waxes, and helps hold fragrance in pillar waxes.

Dosage: Will vary based on the clients application.

Packing: Packed into 25kg bags.

Glycerine BP/USP 99.5%

Applications: Used in the Food industry, Pharmaceutical and Personal care applications, Botanical extracts, Anti-freeze and also as a Chemical intermediate.

Dosage: Varied according to the usage requirements of the product.

Packing: Packed into 250kg drums.