Full Cream Milk Powder Replacer

It is a light cream coloured, free-flowing product; with a uniformly fine texture and free from any visible burned particles, free from lumps that do not break up under slight pressure. 

The powder has a sweet and desirable flavour.  It is free of any harmful or toxic substances.

Full Cream Milk Powder 

Cream to light yellow colour, free-flowing powder, mild milky aroma and milk taste. 

This product is used as a milk replacer to enhance the milky taste for baked goods, beverages, seasoning etc.

Can also be used instead of full cream milk powder for a more cost-effective end product.


Product: White and Yellow Margarine

Description: Palm Oil Blend – Vegetable Based White Industrial Margarine

Application: Biscuits / Cakes / Confectionery / Creaming / Baking

Allergen Information: May Contain Soya (Lecithin) (E322)

Shelf Life: Approx. 6 Months Under Correct Storage Conditions

Storage Conditions: 18 – 20 ºC, Sealed and Away from Direct Sunlight or Heat

Palm Kernel Olien – PKO

Applications: RDB Palm Kernel Olien can be used to replace dairy cream used in the production of ice-cream. It can also be used to produce various types of chocolate coatings.

Dosage: Varies according to the usage of the product.

Packing: Packed into 20kg Bag in Box